August 21, 2017

On the front lines of IT

April 10, 2003 InfoWorld

If your office is like mine, the overall difficulty of doing business during the rough economy of the past two years is now compounded by something new: the war in Iraq . […]

Intel updates mobile technology work

April 10, 2003 InfoWorld

TOKYO — Intel announced few surprises at its Intel Developer Forum Japan event on Thursday, instead choosing to give the Japanese audience a look at several technologies first disclosed at a U.S. event in February. […]

Finding the Future

April 10, 2003

THE PROBLEM OF FINDING relevant information-a problem that we all know too well from the Internet-is now reoccurring on corporate intranets. […]

Opera CTO Q & A

April 4, 2003 Tim Pabst

As many of you will know, Opera is ranked as the third most popular web browser in the world and is an excellent alternative when you’re after a quick browser that still supports W3C standards such as cascading style sheets. In this virtual interview I talked with Hakon Wium Lie, Chief Technical Officer for Opera. In this article Hakon talks about the Opera browser, where it stands in relation to W3C standards, the Opera evelopment team and more. […]

Grid Computing: CEOs Need to Know

August 7, 2002 Garrett French

What’s a Grid?
The computer on your desktop, the one you’re using to read this email, only has so much processing power, only so much speed. Your vice-president, who’s gazing out the window and thinking about his golf game, has computing power to spare. If your company had a grid set up, your computer could draw unused processing power from his computer to speed up your number-crunching software. […]

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