December 9, 2016

Tech Firms Including Google, Uber and Facebook Send Trump Their Wish List

November 15, 2016 Rich Ord

Michael Beckerman, President & CEO at Internet Association which represents big internet focused tech companies such as Google, Amazon, Facebook, Uber, Netflix, Twitter, Lyft, PayPal, Salesforce, Rackspace and many more, sent a congratulations letter to the Trump transition team today. In it they sought to inform Trump how important the […]

Ballmer Takes Credit for Microsoft’s Move to the Cloud

November 8, 2016 Rich Ord

Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer recently told Bloomberg that current CEO Satya Nadella is taking Microsoft “to infinity and beyond.” In the interview with Emily Chang, Ballmer reflected on his relationship with Bill Gates and defended his role in the success of Microsoft saying, “I take great satisfaction in the […]

Microsoft Builds Supercomputer in the Cloud

October 18, 2016 Rich Ord

A group of Microsoft engineers have built an artificial intelligence technique called deep neural networks that will be deployed on Catapult by the end of 2016 to power Bing search results. They say that this AI supercomputer in the cloud will increase the speed and efficiency of Microsoft’s data centers […]

The Salesforce Platform Embraces Artificial Technology

September 20, 2016 Rich Ord

In a major initiative that has been in the works for two years, Salesforce is integrating artificial intelligence into all of its CRM cloud platforms. It enables any business to use clicks or code to build AI-powered apps that get smarter with every interaction. Their AI system learns from all […]

Google Says its Cloud Platform is Uniquely Secure

August 30, 2016 Rich Ord

Neal Mueller, Security and Networking lead for Google Cloud, recently was interviewed about security and other important aspects of using the Google Cloud Platform to host websites, online retailers and other data intensive applications. Should I move our online applications to the cloud and is it secure? We get that […]

Artificial Intelligence is About to Transform Management

August 8, 2016 Rich Ord

LinkedIn Influencers provided some advice on the future impact of artificial intelligence in the workplace. “The first thing that artificial intelligence will take over is the microphone on your laptop or computer,” said Reid Hoffman, Executive Chairman and co-Founder of LinkedIn in a new 30 second Influencer video.. “What will […]

“Over the Top” Content Clouds Predicted

July 13, 2016 CTOUpdate

“Are you ready for the new mobile gold rush? Of course you’re not,” said Jim O’Leary, Sr. Manager Mobile Solutions Marketing at Cisco. “Though truth be told, the pending growth in mobile video may be more like a video tornado and only a handful of mobile operators are prepared.” What […]

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